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Whistleblower Exposes Apple’s Toxic Waste Cover-up, Secret Police Intimidation & Government Ties

September 21, 2022

Apple, Inc. spends billions on projecting a clean, fun and progressive image, even claiming on its website that “the products you love also love the planet.” But the reality is very different. Whistleblower Ashley Gjøvik worked at Apple’s Sunnyvale, CA office. After she discovered that the office was built on top of an EPA superfund site known as the “Triple Site,” Gjøvik was silenced and attacked by the company for trying to ensure the safety of herself, her co-workers and community.

We spend our entire episode discussing the case, exposing Apple’s environmental cover-up, the internal “secret police” they use against journalists and whistleblowers and  deep links the company has with U.S. government agencies, as well as involvement in regulatory capture - influencing government agencies with revolving door policies and offers of employment and benefits.

Ashley Gjøvik can be found on Twitter at @ashleygjovik and on the web at

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